Districts and SIGS

Districts and SIGS can use this page to post events and commentary from around the state.


  1. PTAs- Please join your fellow PTAs on Thurs March 13,2014 ( And April 10 & May 8) at 6 pm in Federal Way at Red Robin for some informal networking and learn about the issues at hand- including reimbursement & exciting national issues!! Bring your questions & concerns.

  2. PTAs- We have another get together April 10 at Red Robin in Federal Way at 6-730ish. We will be in the bar. Please ask at the hostess desk. Come join and hear the latest in PTA issues-exciting things are happening. Come hear the latest! We are also trying to figure out a way to connect the state in these meetings- we need help with setting up phone calls (?) or district meetings(?)– thoughts and ideas are needed (with help to facilitate the follow through).

  3. PTAs – Come join fellow PTAs at Red Robin Thurs May 8,2014 in Federal Way @ 6 -730 pm for discussions about PTA issues. We will be discussing some recent reimbursement issues that have come to light and hear the latest about APTA Board of Directors stance on future potential ability of increased inclusion of the PTA in APTA. There are some exciting changes in the future. We will be in the bar- ask at the hostess desk. Hope to see you. Last meeting for awhile as no further meetings are planned at this point. There will be new updates for everyone after House of Delegates in June. Stay tuned!

  4. Greater Spokane District meeting this Thursday Dec. 3rd at 6 pm. Business meeting and Guest Speaker Dr. Steven Goodman MD 2015 PTWA “Joseph Black Friend of PT” Recipient. Discussion will be “Recognition & Treatment of Neuropathic-Myofascial Pain Syndromes.” held at SLRI Rm LL1&2. Please join!

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