PTA SIG is Back with More to Come

Last spring, several of us got together to once and for all bring the PTWA PTA Special Interest Group out of its dormancy.

We jotted down some ideas but really started with a survey that we sent out to all of you in August. Your responses to that survey influenced the directions we will take – although there were not really any surprises. You are interested in continuing education, information about various types of advocacy, and you would like the relationship between PTs and PTAs to improve.

We decided to start getting information out to you via an e-newsletter that we plan to send each month (possibly skipping one of the summer months). We will include some news that we think PTAs will be particularly interested in. We’re also planning to include a clinical pearl in each issue, starting with the next issue.

We’re in the early stages of forming work groups for Continuing Education and Communications.

And we’ll need to hold an election for PTA SIG leadership soon. So stay tuned for the scheduling of the meeting during which that election will be held.

There is much work to be done on the road ahead and several PTA members have already signed up to participate in our efforts. If you have an interest in being involved – or just have something you want to say – please email us at

Vince Nguyenpham, Brendon Larsen, Trent Smith