False Advertising and Insurance Surface as Top Priorities for PTWA Members

At the PTWA December 2017 board meeting we reviewed and addressed results from our October PTWA member survey.

The largest areas of survey input included:

  • PTWA members want the world to know that physical therapy professionals provide physical therapy services. You want other provider groups to stop saying they provide PT and you want consumers to understand and care about what that means.
  • PTWA members want their state association to do something about the dramatically shifting payment environment and what it’s doing to their ability to provide effective and qualitative patient care.

Strategic planning expert Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA, helped our PTWA board to identify goals, objectives and strategies surrounding these two areas. Here are the two goal statements we came up with:

Goal 1:

Providers, consumers, and key stakeholders know that physical therapist practice is the best choice to optimize movement.

Goal 2:

Physical therapists/physical therapist assistants, payers, and consumers value care that is compensated on the basis of quality and the achievement of meaningful outcomes.

You can find the full plan document on this page on our website: http://ptwa.org/about/bylaws-policies-and-other-governance-documents.

Because these areas of focus are not going to be achieved by just pressing the easy button, we will be working on plans for each of them with a due date of July 1 for the two plans.

Also at the December board meeting we addressed and made recommendations for the revision of the PTWA vision and mission statements. PTWA’s current vision statement models the APTA’s achieved and since revised Vision 2020 language. The current APTA vision is, “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” Our PTWA vision statement needed an update.

Our proposed mission statement remains similar to our current mission statement, as this is unique to Washington.

The board proposes the following vision and mission statements.

PTWA Vision Statement:  The physical therapy profession is recognized as the best choice for optimizing movement to improve the human experience.

PTWA Mission Statement:  The PTWA Mission is to advance the physical therapy profession in the state of Washington through compassion, accountability, representation and excellence (CARE).

Governance of an association requires member approval of strategic plan/goals, mission and vision changes at a Chapter Meeting. Our next Chapter Meeting will be held on October 6, 2018 in Tacoma. We won’t wait until then to start work on what you have already said are your top priorities for our association.

The work derived from the strategic plan and vision/mission is done primarily by committees. PTWA has existing committees that will work on these goals. We would love your involvement at any level: committee work, volunteer, expert witness, professional opinion etc. Many hands make light work.

Your involvement is as easy as emailing me at president@ptwa.org.

Best wishes for a “movement” filled 2018.

Erik Moen, PT
PTWA President


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