PTWA Geriatric SIG Approved

The PTWA Geriatric Special Interest Group (GSIG) was approved by PTWA members at the 2017 PTWA Chapter Meeting held in October. The goal of the GSIG is to provide a means by which PTWA PT and PTA members who have a common interest in geriatrics may share information, have a platform to access current guidelines/research on best practice, and meet and promote the interests of its membership, the chapter, the APTA and our profession.


  • Provide a platform for professional interaction between PTs and PTAs within the state of Washington and across multiple practice settings.
  • Provide a platform for discussion of current topics and issues concerning the geriatric physical therapy community.
  • Participate in events promoting geriatric physical therapy care and APTA membership.
  • Represent the interests of GSIG members before the official decision-making bodies of the chapter, APTA and other components.
  • Provide a platform for accessing local resources within our state that support healthy aging.


  • Networking with professionals in your state with a common interest in geriatrics.
  • Opportunities to find community organizations to best support the care of our aging adults.
  • Receive important information about the workings of your state chapter.
  • Receive important information to support effective, evidence-based physical therapy care for our rapidly growing aging adult population in an ever-changing healthcare system.

We look forward to your/PTWA support and participation with this group. Best practice and care for our patients is first on our mind.

Kele Murdin, PT
Geriatric Certified Specialist
Geriatric Training Certification
Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults