Happy Physical Therapy Month!

What have you been doing to celebrate/demonstrate National Physical Therapy Month?  This year’s theme is #ChoosePT.  APTA has some great resources on their website.  In the event you are not planning an extravagant party, there are some simple things you can do to get the #ChoosePT message out to the community.  Use your social media. APTA has a Facebook temporary (or not) “frame” you can use on your Facebook profile this month.  That is truly simple and amplifies the #ChoosePT message to your friends. You/we should control the message of what you/we do in your/our physical therapy practices. October is a great time to let people know why physical therapy is the best option for rehabilitation. Please share with us your #ChoosePT moments and we will re-share the love.


Erik Moen
PTWA President