Thank You For Attending Well-Timed Legislative Impact Day

Thank you to all the PTs, PTAs, PT students and PTA students for attending the PTWA Legislative Impact Day on January 26! And thank you to those who did their part from afar by contacting their legislators regarding our legislative issues for the 2017 Legislative session. Our presence in Olympia was well timed as our Licensure Compact bills (SB 5191 and HB 1278) were heard in the respective healthcare committees that week and our Years of Service bills (SB 5283 and HB 1374) will be heard in their respective appropriations committee meetings this week and next.


This year we offered continuing education as a secondary benefit of coming to Olympia. Members learned about how to get your spinal manipulation endorsement and heard prior authorization updates from Jim Freeburg from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.


Please continue to follow the legislative process and interact with your legislator. Your involvement is critical this year and for the long haul. You demonstrate a level of professionalism that demonstrates your commitment to our profession and clients/patients of Washington state.


Thank you to our Legislative Impact Day sponsors.  Your example of leadership and support is outstanding and appreciated.


Our hard working and smart lobbyist Melissa Johnson continues to guide and assist us in our legislative efforts.  She paves a smooth path for our access to legislators. 


And lastly, thank you to our PTWA staff for their excellent organization and commitments to membership.


Watch for continued updates from Melissa during the legislative session and stay engaged throughout the year!  Your connections and expertise does matter.

Erik Moen

PTWA President


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