New Year Starts with a Bang for Many Reasons

Happy New Year.


A lot happened in 2016 to say the least. My office started the new year with a new EMR and the utilization of the new evaluation codes. I am thankful to our American Physical Therapy Association for the resources they have been providing on these codes since September. We at PTWA have been updating you with links to these great resources.

January always starts with a bang as it coincides with our state’s legislative session. This year is a long session for our legislators. We will be hosting our annual Legislative Impact Day (LID) on January 26th at the Capitol in

Erik Moen_EditedOlympia. I would strongly encourage you to attend. The legislative session is the culmination of year-round work to assess need, create language and gain legislator support. Our most pressing issues this session include the areas of interstate licensure compact, public school system years-of-service credit and continued work with prior authorization. Our legislative efforts are not limited to these three issues. We have other items our Legislative Committee is working out with their year-around process, including work on the scope of assistive personnel. Our legislative work is crucial to the practice of physical therapy within the state of Washington. Legislative work is truly that…work. It takes time, relationships, working for consensus..and did I mention time? Your involvement with this process should be one of your personal prioritized professional duties. It can be as simple as getting to know who your district legislators are and being able to articulate how their work affects our/your profession.

Still feeling a little lost?  I would ask that you attend the PTWA LID. Not only will you gain a greater appreciation for Washington state’s legislative process, you will get to know your legislators with peers from your district and have the opportunity to gain some CEUs in the process. PTWA will host concurring complimentary CEU opportunities during this year’s LID. This will allow you the ability to further your professional obligation for licensure requirements.

I would like to thank the members of the Legislative Committee for their year-round work. This committee is always open for volunteers to join the ranks. Has your legislative fire been lit? An obvious opportunity awaits for you on the Legislative Committee and/or Legislative Impact Day on January 26th. I look forward to seeing you all on January 26th in Olympia!

Erik Moen

PTWA President


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