What (a) Summer?

Summer is the busiest time of the year in my niche’ private practice. I watch from social medias’ window of peoples and families on vacations and fun adventures. It looks like many of you have exercised your mileage plans and hiked many peaks!

Summer has not been a vacation time for your Legislative Committee and Dry Needling (DN) Task Force. They/we have been hard at work preparing for the August 2nd Sunrise Review regarding a physical therapist’s use of DN as a treatment modality in the state of Washington. We have met with legislators and collected and organized volumes of evidence that we hope the Washington State Department of Health will find compelling and convincing. We will inform you of “the next steps” following the proceedings/outcome of the review.

I want to personally thank Emilie Jones and the entire DN Task Force. They have put in endless hours in preparation for the August 2nd hearing. You may find our sound and exhaustive evidence on the DOH Sunrise Review web page.

Summer also includes the continuation of planning for an awesome PTWA Conference. Our 2016 PTWA Conference will include our APTA President Sharon Dunn and other invited dignitaries and guests. We will be awarding PTWA honors to our leaders (PTWA and non-PTWA). We will host most excellent continuing education. We will host our first PTWA Student Conclave this year. Thank you Carley Rissman and student SIG leadership for their time and energy.

The 2016 PTWA Conference will be great and I think you should participate! SIGN UP NOW! Come to the party!

Speaking of parties, on Friday, September 30 after conference education ends, the WPT-PAC will host its annual conference happy hour. You can buy a ticket when you register for the conference. Or just RSVP to legislative@ptwa.org if you’re not planning to attend the conference continuing education.

Summer is also the beginning of the election cycle. This means PTWA engagement in helping those who’ve helped the profession get elected or reelected to office. PTWA will be attending fundraisers for the next few months.

I would encourage you to do the same. Discover your local state representative or senator and attend one of their fundraisers. Their political party does not matter.  PTs need friends that are Rs (Republicans) and Ds (Democrats). Get to know the issues that affect you and them.  Issues should be related to health care and how they affect you and your patients, but you can and should include those issues that affect you personally.

Have a safe rest of the summer and find a way to engage on behalf of your profession.

Thank you!
Erik Moen, PT
PTWA President