Ride the wave? Or make the waves!

Erik Moen_Edited

PTWA President Erik Moen

I hope you have noticed all of the messages from APTA over the last month in PT Bulletin, PT Magazine, MoveForwardPT.com, Facebook and Twitter? Messages and news have been pushed out regarding the CDC opinion for use of PT prior to opioids for pain and the utilization of early PT intervention with low back pain improves outcomes. There have also been many messages regarding the concept of #GetPT1st.

There is certainly a swell of excitement around these messages. You can chose to ride the wave of excitement but I would prefer that you make some new waves.

You don’t make waves by keeping our messages to ourselves. We have to inform the consumer about our great story. Consumers/voters will ultimately choose to see you if your worth has been demonstrated. Contemporary medical referral sources are somewhat conflicted by their established organizations and contracts. I would encourage you to educate the consumer. Make them smarter consumers of physical therapy.


We also have an obligation to respond to all news regarding our profession. Noridian has identified that some SNF businesses are unusual high in their utilization of physical therapy. PTs don’t typical own/operate SNFs thus there are some administrative mandates that are out of their control. PTs can and should ensure that their treatment interventions are warranted and skilled. PTs should work collaboratively with business owners to ensure defensible and appropriate interventions surrounding given diagnostic classification.


Make the waves! Educate and excite our consumers. Tell our story…it is a great one.  #GetPT1st