Physical Therapists Uniquely Qualified for Government Leadership

Bellevue City Councilmember Lynne Robinson, PT, DPT, spoke at the 2015 PTWA Chapter Meeting on Saturday, October 3 about why PTs would make effective government leaders. Here’s what she had to say:

“I think physical therapists, because of our training and the type of people our profession attracts, are uniquely qualified to be effective leaders in government.  And here’s why:

PTs work every day to improve quality of life.

You are smart and highly educated.

You use evidenced-based practice.

And are continuously learning.

You are not arrogant; you don’t always get your way. Just because you tell a patient to do something doesn’t mean it will happen. And so you are adaptable; capable of redefining what success is for that particular person and making it work.

You are excellent listeners, able to guide the conversation to extract valuable information

You are consummate philanthropists, fielding requests for free treatment at every party you attend.

You research and analyze situations, and chose an attainable goal. You back that goal up with research that proves that this is the best outcome for this situation. You create baby steps or enabling goals that create a pathway. And these enabling goals are measureable, so that if anyone challenges you along the way, you can show whether or not you are making progress.  You reassess so you are able to recognize when you haven’t succeeded and you make the necessary adjustments. You don’t spin wheels, wasting time and money on something that isn’t working.

You are able to collaborate with a variety of professionals, with respect and good communication. You recognize when something is beyond your scope of care and refer out appropriately.

You see the big picture. You treat the entire patient and oftentimes their family as well in terms of patient education, and lifestyle recommendations.

You use ingenuity: you know there are a variety of ways to solve a particular problem and are willing to go outside the box in search of a solution.

I’m not saying it’s easy, or that any of us get up in the morning full of confidence thinking I’m going to be a political leader today. But what I’m saying is: you actually can affect positive change for our profession. And you can do that in a variety of ways: you can become more involved or you can support the PTWA or APTA so that they can lobby on your behalf.”

To Celebrate PT Month, Tell Us What You’re Doing to Help Your Patients #AgeWell

Erik Moen_Edited
PTWA President Erik Moen

October is National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM). This year’s theme is “Age Well.” The typical medical model of the United States is more of a sickness model. NPTM tasks us with a slightly different model. If one is to age well — one needs to think about methods of preventing the presence of illness. Physical therapists are uniquely positioned to be the “tour guide” of neuro, musculoskeletal health. PTs help support people to age with independence, good movement patterns and overall health.

What are you doing to help your patients/clients age well? This is the month to be extra-extroverted with your excellence. Post your efforts or information with the hashtag  #agewell. A few suggested places to share your posts:, @ptwajackie, @APTAtweets

More information on NPTM may be found on  and on You will find resources including ideas, blog posts, infographics and a podcast regarding NPTM.

Erik Moen, PT
PTWA President