Congratulations to Apple PT on the Celebration of its 30th Anniversary

It was an honor to be asked to speak at  Apple Physical Therapy’s 30th anniversary party held on October 18, 2014 at the LeMay American’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. Below is a copy of that speech. Congratulations to long-time PTWA member, Randy Johnson, PT, DPT and his team at Apple PT.

Randy was kind enough to invite my husband, Tom and I to attend tonight’s event. I’m proud to stand here and boast about how much Apple PT has contributed to the physical therapy profession.

Randy’s been an APTA member longer than me (by two years)!

Apple PT has so many talented team members. Many of Apple’s PTs are board certified in the areas of orthopedics, sports and women’s health. Board certification is dear to my heart; it’s my most cherished professional achievement. Thank you to all of you who strive to attain our profession’s highest standard of advanced practice.

Apple PT sent many of its talented employees to engage in PTWA leadership roles, such as on the Board of Directors and Legislative Committee. Randy has served on the PTWA Finance and PAC committees, the PPSIG executive board and the national PPS Section membership committee. Apple PT had three employees receive the PTWA PT and PTA of the Year awards: Tom Kabeary, Lisa McCann and Lorien Farren. Andy Wodka was appointed by Governor Inslee to serve on the licensing board last year.

When I think of Apple PT I remember that Apple was the first and largest clinic to close the door for the day so its team could participate in PTWA’s Legislative Impact Day in 2009. This continued until the big storm day a few years ago, but Apple still sends many of its team each year.

Apple PT graciously permitted PTWA to host a negotiation meeting with an opposing stakeholder group at Apple’s corporate office in 2008. Randy grilled us a delicious salmon fillet for lunch. The entire other team declined to stay and join us for lunch. Too bad, it was their loss. But, I learned a valuable lesson that day; it’s futile to negotiate with people who refuse to sit down and share a meal with you.

Randy is our Chapter’s Key Contact for Congressional District 8. I had the opportunity to go with Randy to meet Congressman Reichert in person to talk about physical therapy issues this past April in Washington, DC. It was a pleasure to meet the Congressman and it was obvious how much he leans on Randy for his opinion.

Apple PT has always been a corporate partner with PTWA. We couldn’t thrive this well without Apple PT. Apple PT members have always been strong contributors to our WPT-PAC.

What do I think of when I hear the name Apple PT? Innovators, leaders and givers (givers of time, resources and talent). PTWA is truly grateful for all you do for our physical therapy profession. Thank you.

PTWA President Elaine Armantrout