Get Informed or Left in the Dust. How Can We Help?

You may have noticed – the world of healthcare is very different place than it was just a few years ago. The wind is shifting and you need to prepare. Health care delivery systems and reimbursement structures are rapidly evolving. In the next two or three years, practice and payment models will continue to change dramatically and anyone who isn’t informed and on board will be left in the dust.

What’s the best way for chapter leaders to communicate with you during these volatile times? What is your go-to place to find information?

My favorite way to communicate with PTWA members is during the Chapter Meeting and at the conference, now held once a year in the fall. It’s nice to talk to people in person. But in-person isn’t always a practical way to reach several thousand people.

Our other methods of communication include the recently revamped website with a home page that is much more modern looking and with content that changes more often than it used to. Our “Ask PTWA” link, where members can get an answer to a specific question, is much more prominently displayed. When the website is finished later this year, PTWA volunteer leadership will be able to post updates about their committees and task forces and there will be easy to navigate resources for members who want to find out about volunteering.

PTWA continues to print a newsletter that’s now on a bimonthly mailing schedule. Our Facebook page keeps readers up-to-date on physical therapy interests. When urgent items need addressing, we broadcast emails to members with specific action alerts and requests. Our quarterly PTWA board meetings are open to members. The board receives reports from district, SIG and committee chairs, so they can stay abreast of activities going on in the chapter.

Every day I personally check the APTA website home page and Twitter feeds for the latest news.

And last, but not least, there are the informal PT Pub Nights that have sprung up around the state. They’ve been a great way to meet new PT friends and talk shop.

With all of these avenues of communication, I still hear members say, “I didn’t know that,” regarding major issues involving our profession. The APTA and PTWA are committed to keeping our physical therapy profession in front of these changes. You can’t afford not to keep up with this information. Let us know how best to get it delivered to you.

Elaine Armantrout
PTWA President