Vote for the Dessert You’d Like to Have at the Chapter Meeting!

The 2010 PTWA Fall Chapter Meeting takes place October 30 from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center and includes dessert! They all sound so good, PTWA staff is having trouble deciding which to choose so we need your help! Vote for your favorite dessert here–the one with the most votes will be served at the Chapter Meeting!

PTAs: Improve Your Understanding of Assessment Measures at PTWA Fall Conference

Your 9 a.m. patient has arrived. You check the chart and see that she is a 61-year-old female sent to therapy because of generalized deconditioning, loss of functional mobility and balance problems. Under her medical history you find she has dilated cardiomyopathy, COPD and a left TKR. The plan of care states that the patient will receive therapy for aerobic and resistance training to improve functional tolerance to activities, breathing exercises, gait and balance training and patient education. Where do you start?

Whether you are a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant, this question can be difficult to answer and can change day to day depending on the patient’s condition. This is why understanding assessment measures like heart rate, lung sounds and blood pressure are important skills. Have a Heart: a PTA Cardiopulmonary Course at PTWA Fall Conference will cover important key indicators to determine appropriate interventions for patients with heart and/or lung disease. We will also cover current literature supporting endurance and resistance training in these patients. Remember that sometimes cardiopulmonary disease is a secondary diagnosis that can greatly affect therapeutic outcomes for standard musculoskeletal conditions. Safely establishing or modifying a patient’s exercise prescription with cardiopulmonary conditions is the foundation of this class. We hope to see there.

David Kennedy, PT, MS, CCS

Kennedy, along with Diane Madras, PT, PhD, will teach Have a Heart, Keep Your Exercise Prescriptions Safe and Affective: a PTA Cardiopulmonary Course October 30 at PTWA Fall Conference held at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center. Click here for details and to register!

Three or more APTA members who register as a group receive a 20 percent group discount.