L&I to Offer Over-the-phone Interpretive Services Starting Sept. 1

Health care or vocational providers can use L&I’s over-the-phone interpretive services for direct contact (face-to-face) with workers or crime victims beginning September 1, 2010.
The over-the-phone interpretation service offers many benefits, such as real-time access to a comprehensive network of interpreters who are available on the phone in 30-60 seconds. The service does not require an appointment and gives providers access to more than 180 languages.
Providers do not need authorization to use the service on open claims, but should check the claim’s status prior to ordering over-the-phone interpretive services. When calling the for an interpreter, the claim number, worker’s/victim’s full name, date of injury and language will be required. L&I does not pay for interpretive services for legal purposes. Payment is the responsibility of the attorney or other requesting party(ies).
L&I has two approved vendors for service providers in and out of Washington to choose from: Pacific Interpreters and CTS Language Link
Pacific Interpreters

CTS Language Link
State Fund claim:                877-810-4721           or        877-626-0678
Self-Insurance claim:        877-810-4723           or         877-626-0678
Crime Victims claim:         877-840-2083          or        877-626-0678

Additional information will be available September 1 at www.interpreters.lni.wa.gov.

Click the links for more information about the services of the private vendors:

CTS Language Link

Pacific Interpreters

If you have questions, contact Cecilia Maskell.

L&I Seeks Health Care Professionals for Consulting Opportunity

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries needs health care professionals to help improve the quality of care for injured and ill workers and for crime victims, according to the department’s Provider E-news service.
L&I  intends to issue a Request for Quotations & Qualifications (RFQQ K1954) to seek bids to provide clinically-based and objective health care record and quality care review services (Peer Review) for a wide range of health care licensure and specialties.  Services are scheduled to begin in November 2010.
The solicitation will be made available through Washington’s Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS) site beginning July 30, 2010.  Interested parties must be registered in WEBS.  To register, visit:  http://www.ga.wa.gov/webs/.  Select Commodity Code 9855, Medical Service Providers, in your WEBS registration process.

Two Vacancies to Fill on Washington State Board of Physical Therapy

The Washington State Board of Physical Therapy will accept applications for two vacancies until August 27, 2010. The board seeks a physical therapist and a public member  to help decide issues and make decisions which protect the public and ensure the integrity of our profession.

State law requires that:

  • Members be state residents
  • Members shall not have less than five years’ experience in the practice of physical therapy
  • Members be actively engaged in the practice within two years of appointment

Public member representatives may not:

  • Be a member of any other health care licensing board or commission
  • Have a fiduciary obligation to a facility rendering health care services
  • Have a financial interest in the rendering of health services

Candidates from areas of the state without current representation and those with varied backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The board meets approximately six times each year. Historically, these meetings have been scheduled on the third Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and November.

To apply for this position, complete an application on the Governor’s website at http://www.governor.wa.gov/boards/application/default.asp
The Governor’s Office requires all applications be completed online. Please complete the application by August 27, 2010. The board will begin appointments for on or after September 18, 2010