Praise from a patient

We received this email from Curt in Stanwood, praising PTWA member Joel Anderson, PT, DPT, MOMT, of Cascade Rehabilitation.

Curt writes:

My first visit to Cascade Rehab Smokey Point was within 3 days of  coming home from Harborview, actually 10 days from surgery and a little over two weeks from the accident.  Kneecap in six pieces, now caged with hollow head nails and wire.  Numerous more nails and a plate below the knee.  Tib-Fib-Patella, the trifecta.  I was no doubt scared; my therapist was both kind and caring.  He knew me with just a handshake.   I really needed someone badly, I didn’t know who, but I got lucky.  Joel gave me my confidence back.  He was my therapist in more than just leg rehab.  But I realized with this kind of injury, I will have lifelong rehab.  In many ways, I am my own physical therapist now.  I do miss Joel and the relationship that was so very personal and filled with growth. He is possibly the best person I have ever known. I think he knows how I feel, but positive public recognition is good flattery.